want some cute little palm sized candy corns like this for yourself? I’m opening up commissions to try and make some extra cash. FOR ALL YOUR SPOOPY NEEDS!

I’m going to do 5 orders at a time, but I doubt I’ll even get that many but its a trial run for things.

They are palm sized, soft and squishable. Made with acrylic yarn and stuffed with recycled pillow stuff. I do live in a pet friendly home. So I warn you if you are severely allergic. No smoking though.

Here are the prices:

4 candy corns for $14
2 for $7

Shipping will be about $4-$6. We can talk about international shipping because I haven’t done that yet besides Canada.

These are made to order. So expect at least 2 days for me to create before I can ship. If you want other types of candy colors just let me know! 

Thanks guys!