I’m amazed at how many people keep sending asks about the full feature SKIP idea, but just to give you a better idea of what I meant by SKIP being ‘an abbreviation of the idea’: I basically took the concept of a love story crossed with jumping through film genres and ran with that, keeping it to the two main characters, Mesi and Arthur.

The atmosphere and morale behind the full feature, however, would be very different. The entire story and set up is different, and the ending… well, I’ll just say the ending isn’t the same either.

These are just a couple of very crappy semi-board/concept doodles that might give you an idea of what it feels like in my head.


Oh, right. Here’s a photo from when I met Michael Reed at FanEXPO Vancouver last weekend. Bear in mind that I had been out in the rain and wind for almost an hour prior to this ahahooo.



Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned

I can’t believe someone made a fucking audio post for that stupid deer picture I made. this is unbelievable. I’ve reached a new level of sentience. I am unstoppable. I am the alpha and the omega.


Fashionably late? Couldn’t bear to miss out on this swell shindig going on, and it’s been too long since I drew Arthur and Mesi at any rate :D

Feel free to give either one a twirl on the dance floor, they’re both very friendly- just don’t go hitting on Mesi too much, or you might find a steam locomotive crashing the party…

Amazing art going on in this tag, fantastic idea! You’re all so talented!


Pestilence, War, Famine and Death; all the horses of the apocalypse finished! Had so much fun doing these, and learned a lot while I was at it! Win win.

Available as pretty much anything you gosh darn please over on Society6. You know you want to help pay my electricity bill.



"What’s the matter with Percy?"

"I’m not sure, but it must be something terrible."

"Oh, it can’t be that bad."

"He’s placed himself in Teenage Vampire Romance."


A thought in which I believe: When Percival is run ragged, emotionally, or is simply having a particularly bad day, he decides he no longer wants to be Percival. He just wants to be a book.

The Percy Tantrum Conundrum.

(Percival belongs to dsylexiafeind)

the worst kind of time out corner


I did the did darn do oops still have to finish the comic page I’d better get on that click on them and scroll sideways or open in new tabs it’ll be less painful for everyone

this was just for fun and the bg’s are heckity bad but whatever (also they just exit to the right after the last bit but like you want to be bothered with looking at two whole panels of empty space)


I wish I knew what I was doing

R.I.P. Vesty Meow

Losing 2 cats in two months. But he had been sick for a while. Fighting off liver failure, just bad genetics. We did everything we could for you. You were my familiar, tethered to my heart. You always knew when something was a miss. Came running when I cried and always had to have conversations with me. You were too smart for all the cat games, breaking them before anyone else had a chance to play. Since you were young you were a grumpy old man. 

You never pulled up your socks, found the rotten watermelon, and came to warn us of the fire. Cats like you are rare. You were my favorite. We will miss you.


M.C. Escher’s escalator

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Bigby Wolf from==> The Wolf Among Us
First of all: i wanna apologize in advance for making Bigby as a pretty boy, i know he’s older and scrawnier then this, but i just wanna do it in my own way~:D

and… if u haven’t play the game…


Happ birtdae Savvy uvu


aaand it’s also Earth Day! Good excuse to draw some of my elemental demonsss




Hey so 1) don’t look at me and 2) solid black is fun to play around with hmmm…





Rest well.

And may your dreams be sweet.