The Varick Building, Broadway and Park Place, New York, 1922.

MPR scratch demos


i have been struggling with creative output. something is blocking me from completing my ideas. i am not really sure what to do, so in moments like this i do something desperate i wouldn’t normally do. I’ve uploaded about half of the song ideas and demos i have recorded on cassette tape and  reel to reel in the past 6 to 8 months. i really need to get over my fear of imperfection, so i think revealing these songs is my attempt at letting go of trying to seem like i know exactly what i am doing… because i really do not know what i am doing most of the time when it comes to many things. 

prepare yourself to hear my exploration of musical themes realms and genres, melodic structure, word flow and formation, instrument placement and usage, and purposefully limited recording techniques. i only had 4 tracks to work with for a lot of these. 

some of these will end up on albums down the road, some not. the other half i am not uploading i will save for my next album or two. warning - some tracks are louder than others, so watch your ears. this is the nature of scratch recordings, unmixed for the most part. 


Some rabbit makeup.
(Part 1)

Seattle cav meet special guest Michael Reed


We’re not doing to good on our fundraiser to get Mike here in Washington
We’ve raised $130 out of $500 and barley 16 days left to go

Whats this for?
We are hosting the Seattle cavs one year anniversary party on Saturday August 23rd in gasworks park, and we’ve asked michael if he’d be up for going if we raised enough money for it.
Not only is he totally up for it, but he promised anyone who goes to the meet who donates will receive the first batch of his new album
Thats so cool right?

So if you plan on going, or just if you could, please spread this around and help us out by donating because we’re not doing too good

And come join our meet in august! There will be games and food and cool prizes c:

Aw I want Michael’s new album! You guys are lucky if you get him to go!


Don’t forget the Walter Girls


Presenting my lame attempt at cosplaying my Walternate, Walter Tech Anti.

The idea is that Anti was working with anti-matter (oh so clever, I know) when they were suddenly and inconveniently injured on the job and lost an eye … Well, kind of. Goggles are there for a reason, kids. Sure, mutant abilities gained from being subjected to forces quite similar to Big Bang may seem cool, but it’s not worth grossly violating every safety protocol known to science over. Anti will be glad to tell you this themself.

Hopefully I can get black or silver goggles if I ever decide to do this for real.


there is probably some reason to make this expression but i haven’t quite figured it out

also how do i defrizz my wig without compromising the spiral pigtails pls help

(from the archives of hy photos)


I’ll let you ride my quesadilla.

A winking The Jon to go with the winking The Spine i drew???

maybe i’ll make a set of these???



Hey Loren, I drew this thing for you because I feel like I haven’t drawn you things in a while and I wanted an excuse to draw cool outfits I wish I had. ;3

I’m also really excited for your orange hair, like woah.

yeah, anyway, enjoy the little doodle!! u///u

~Hailey <3

(P.s. how the frick do you draw Mohawks?!?)


OH MY GOODNESS this is like EXACTLY how I want to look oh Hailey thank you so much this is perf ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

this is so cute! And Cheetah you are getting a lot better wow

guh so close to my next 100 followers. Hello new friendos hello

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hat issues

Making yours and your friends OCs into Sims is the best thing ever


commission for supersquire457



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